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  Launch Your Fest on  One​ Student

What does that mean?


  • REGISTRATION with ticketing & payments on web, mobile & onsite

  • ADVERTISE the fest details in the Fest chat by uploading fest posters, promotional materials and event registration links – all your fest subscribers will get instant updates

  • AGENDA of all festival events can be added to the Fest calendar by organisers

  • NOTIFICATIONS for sending circular/last minute announcements direct to your attendees

  • MESSAGE using internal groups to communicate with event leads

  • ANNOUNCE shortlisted participants, winners and location of events immediately to all attendees

  • PROMOTE related events to attendees of each event

  • ENGAGE attendees by having them post their selfies in the custom Fest Channel

Successful Fests on One Student 

      Cliffesto – NIT Uttarakhand

      elan – IIT Hyderabad

      Bitotsav – BIT Ranchi

      Megaleio – SJCEM

      Composit – IIT Kharagpur

      Quark – BITS Goa

      Dhruva – Karpagam CE

      Magnovite – Christ University

      CEAFest – IIT Madras

      Prakriti – GCT

      Aakaar – IIT Bombay 

      and more...

The One Student Fest Experience

      Advertise. Manage. Organise.

      All your fest needs in one app!

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